Exposed: Discover The Regimen Exercises That Transformed Me from Being Fat to Being Very Fit

Hello once more and happy to see you again. Today, I’d like to share with you my weight loss success story based on regimen exercises I have undergone in order to transform myself into the fit me. Just to take you back in time, I used to be a very playful, flexible and average size kid according to the photos that I found in my mum’s photo album.

As time went by, I started adding weight let me say in an unnecessary manner. At age 16, I was weighing 140 lbs which I thought was fine. This must be wrong assumption have ever made in my life! Since then, I never bothered to check on my weight though my family made jokes about how fat I had become within a short period. At 20 is when I realized that something must have been wrong with me. I was experiencing breath shortness and high blood pressure. Though medication was prescribed by the doctor, I was told the best remedy was to reduce my weight. I was weighing 235 pounds which had become too much to bear.
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This meant that I had to check on my diet and combine it with regimen exercises in order to accelerate the rate of weight loss. When it comes to diet, I controlled the rate of calorie intake. I avoided junk foods and concentrated more on cooking food at home. I also minimized the rate of protein and fat intake in all my foods. If I had to eat, the food had to contain less than 1200 calories.

Let me shift my attention to regimen weight loss exercises that transformed me into who I am today. After checking on my diet, I only shed off 35 lbs meaning I had 65 more to lose. It was in 2010 when I decided that my weight should be 135 lbs. At this time, I had lost 35 and was weighing 200 lbs. I gave myself 12 weeks to accomplish this mission.

I combined both cardio work outs together with resistance training for the 12-week period. Self-discipline was what drove me towards my goal. In terms of cardio, I quit being driven around and decided to walk to my job place to and fro. In the evening after getting home, I did jogging for 30 minutes daily except in Sunday which was perhaps my day of rest. In terms of resistance training, I had to sacrifice and buy myself a stability ball, two pairs of dumbbells (light ones weighing 5-10lbs and heavier ones weighing 10-20 lbs and a resistance band.

Every morning, I did jogging for about 20 minutes so as to embark on resistance training. In the first 2 weeks, I have to admit that it wasn’t as easy and had to sacrifice a lot. I did both dumbbell pull up and push up 5 reps for 10 minutes every morning and evening despite experiencing muscular pain here and there. When I went back to the scale, I was weighing 185 pounds. My sacrifice had paid off!

In the following 2 weeks, I took the exercises to a different upper level whereby instead of jogging I sprinted. I also increased the number of reps from 5 to 8 per each resistance training session. After each sprint, I did barbell front squats, single arm dumbbell bunch press and chest supported dumbbell row. As if this was not enough, I got myself a treadmill from which I did hill sprint for 90 seconds every morning and evening.

In the seventh week, I went back to the scale and realized my weight had dropped from 185 lbs to 155 lbs. Wasn’t this adorable? Yes, it was! I was very motivated and felt that my goal was only but just around the corner. I had 20 lbs to lose now.

Now, it was in August 2010 when I realized that weight loss was all about diet, exercises and self-discipline. I intensified my resistance training by doing 5 reps (10 RM) for about 10 minutes now. This included dumbbell pull up and dumbbell front squats. When it came to the push ups, I did 100 as fast as possible. On the other hand, so as to tone my muscles, I enrolled into a gym class. My sprinting time also became longer as I gained more and more strength.

By 10 weeks, I couldn’t believe the reading on the scale, I weighed 140 lbs from 235lbs! To me it seemed like a miracle! I was hitting my target and by 12th week I can confess that I was 135 lbs.

All my training friends had Sunday as a day of rest. Apart from exercises, you can also that I had to alter my diet. Moreover, I drank 8 glasses of water daily and ate lots of fruits and veggies. All these have made me 135 lbs fit and transformed person. I love myself and hope my story will inspire you to be whom you want to look like.

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